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Spotlight is a monthly magazine dedicated to Jewish kids around the globe. Spotlight is a fun and educational experience for great minds –
because great minds start young.

What we say

Spotlight is a monthly magazine dedicated to Jewish children around the globe. Spotlight’s charming illustrations and full-color pages capture the imaginations of its many devoted fans. Each issue includes a variety of entertaining features and captivating stories, as well as educational articles designed to promote critical thinking skills and impart social skills and general knowledge.

Not only is Spotlight fun and educational but its popular monthly contests encourage creativity and allow children to showcase their talents. Each issue is replete with opportunities for readers to submit their handiwork, giving every child a chance to shine in the spotlight. Readers eagerly leaf through each new issue to find their own submissions featured in Spotlight’s pages. What an exciting and rewarding experience!

Parents are thrilled with the hours of wholesome, kosher entertainment that Spotlight provides. The magazine is endorsed by many mechanchim and mechanchos who recognize that Spotlight provides educational value and a wonderful venue for creative expression.

Because that’s what Spotlight is all about.

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Wholesome Entertainment

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Terms & Conditions

  • Spotlight is published monthly according to the Hebrew date. Subscriptions should be expected within a week of Rosh Chodesh.
  • Compensation for lost or missed magazines will be redeemed if the subscriber informs our office within a month of expected delivery. Spotlight is not responsible for any unclaimed missed magazines.
  • Yearly subscriptions include 12 months. A year with a double Adar does not include an extra month for the yearly subscriptions.